What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a P2P digital currency, Transactions are managed collectively by the network and not by a central authority, The currency and infrastructure of Bitcoin provide you with anonymity, low transaction fees, lightning fast transactions, lower rake and buy-in fees. And because you store funds directly in your own Bitcoin e-wallet that puts you in total control of your funds and security. For  more detailed information visit Coin News Asia which offers very good advice and information on all subjects relating to bitcoin.

 How does it work?

You need to download a Bitcoin e-wallet  to your computer, tablet or smart phone and follow the insturtions. We recommend Blockchain and Coinbase.

What are chips worth?

On NutZPoker, 1 chip is always worth exactly 1/1,000 of a BTC, This can also be represented as 1 mBTC, 1000 mBTC = 1 Bitcoin

Where can i purchase Bitcoin?

Online exchanges include: You can purchase Bitcoin locally for cash or online payments at,, some city`s have Bitcoin ATMs Never purchase Bitcoin from untrusted websites! Claiming Ukash to Bitcoin.

How do i make a deposit?

Visit the cashier on the poker client and follow the instructions.

To generate random numbers we use the SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister pseudo-random numbers algorithm. Truly random data is used as a initialization vector. Random data initialization is done periodically which exclude any result prediction. Also we use hardware RNG like Quantis.

Any sensitive information is located at the servers and is not exposed to the Network. It is protected on the server level to eliminate potential threats. Client connections are SSL-encrypted. Random Number Generator (RNG) in the system is based on system provided high security crypto functions and random hardware data. With already available protected sequence of random numbers, we additionally employ an original algorithm, to generate a random number based on several random numbers of initial order.

Support is provided by both live chat and by email when live chat is offline. Email`s will be answered within 12 hours.